Threshold Crossing Guide

“Stepping onto a brand-new path is difficult, but not more difficult than remaining in a situation, which is not nurturing to the whole woman.” 
― Maya Angelou


change can be lonely + confusing

“Stepping onto a brand-new path is difficult,
but not more difficult than remaining in a situation,
which is not nurturing to the whole woman."

― Maya Angelou

When we experience change, support systems often morph along with everything else. Who + what we are used to relying on may disappear before the new friends or methods materialize that will offer support + encouragement in the future. 

My free offering The Loneliness of Change: Traversing Thresholds in a New Way is a compass for nourishing the connection to your highest self, especially when the outside world feels upheaved, turbulent or lonely. 


it is possible to shift our experience of change

Sometimes we will choose change + sometimes change will choose us. In the necessity for growth, we must leave familiar things + in the spaces of transition there’s a lot of mischief that can happen. In the threshold moment between where we were + where we are going we can forget our boundaries easily. We can get taken advantage of during transit because there is vulnerability.

Change is the space where we may lose ourselves, lose the thread, pack feelings away thinking we’ll sort it later and then perhaps forget about it (or spend valuable energy thinking about the mess we hid in the closet). 

Change isn't going away, but we can experience a different quality to traversing thresholds. By honoring the intensity that is felt during moments of change through ritual, writing + guided meditative/somatic experience, we can dramatically shift the texture of our inner/outer states, stay connected to our highest selves + make the most of the opportunity for transformation that is presented at the powerful gateways of change.

When I work with individuals 1-on-1 around growing through situations of change + transition, the interaction will be intuitively shaped to each individual + situation. My tools include listening, ritual recipes that mark transition, methods for self-care, guided meditative + somatic experiences, writing exercises + more. 


we navigate powerful thresholds everyday

Life is so full in our modern time that we often casually overlook the borders we cross. These common occurrences are just some of the thresholds we transit.

crossing from childhood into teenage years
coming of age into adulthood
divorce or break-up
spiritual experience
traumatic or violent experience
transformative travel
graduating / completing education
significant weight transformation
loss of a pet
loss of a loved one
diagnosis of an illness
healing of an illness
one’s own death

getting married
new child
new pet
first job
career change
starting a business

setting a goal
achieving a goal
moving to a new place
buying a home
recommitting/repairing relationship
start or end of a mental health episode