Story Telling

“You are like you are because you

tell yourself that you are that way.”
― Carlos Castaneda


story telling is the most profound + powerful tool I have found on my healing journey

“You are like you are because you tell yourself that you are that way.

― Carlos Casteneda


Trapped inside, our stories have power over us. Released + shared, we reclaim that strength. When we honor our authentic voice, we garner an awesome ability to shape the narrative of our futures. 

As we share our stories to the page, the delights + traumas of our pasts are subject to the alchemy of our creativity + courage. Telling our stories frees our pain + multiplies our joy. 

The true grace of story telling is revealed over time. If we show up repeatedly to create a curious + loving space on the page, that is when our authentic voice will begin to trust us + show up reliably too. Whether we read the voice of our highest self as an offering to ourselves in private or we courageously share it with others in circle, great insight unfolds.  

When writing is approached not with judgement of whether it be good, bad, publishable or worthy, but instead as a sacred tool of integrating past experience + future desires in an open invitation for one’s authentic voice to be honored, that’s when words become transformational. 


overcoming barriers to story telling as a healing tool

When I encourage writing practice there are two barriers I repeatedly encounter. First, the people who don’t feel an intrinsic need to know themselves as a writer will say, Well, I’m not a writer. Second, the people who deeply desire to know themselves as a writer will say, Well, I’m not good enough.

Both of these entrenched + limiting beliefs around the practice of writing fuel my desire to embrace + encourage naming this tool Story Telling. 

Our common hangups around "writing" + whether we are "good" or "bad" writers serve no one. Anyone—professed writer or not—who has the chance to experience the transformational space of a writing/sharing circle will agree that every single human has stories that are worth telling + stories that deserve witnessing.

So I offer that if you write, then you are a writer. Every voices is unique, valuable + worthy of being heard. When we embrace vulnerability to share our stories, then we heal ourselves + we heal others.  

I love working with people 1-on-1 to support story telling as a sacred space + healing practice. Together we overcome the challenges or blocks that arise from time to time in a writing practice + celebrate the profound gifts of exploring authentic voice. My guidance may include listening, prompts, questions, help to clarify writing goals + co-creating a unique plan for a strong + reliable container to support story telling practice.